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DailyUI: the things I do in the evenings

date since September 2018 range of work UX / UI design, micro-animations, Framer

To make sure I keep myself updated with the new trends, and I train myself continuously, I have decided to undertake this DailyUI Challenge for 100 days.

The Challenge

DailyUI challenge is a creativity boost! For a hundred days, Monday to Friday, I am getting an email with a vague assignment. My task is to create a related problem and then solve it.


I did all of my designs in Framer, an app in which you can create your own or import designs from Sketch or Figma. Then, with a simple Java and friendly front-end editor, you can animate your designs like never before!

Credit Card Checkout

One of the first challenges was to create a simple Credit Card Checkout. I have decided to go for an airline mobile app. ✈️


This was the only information. I, as I come from a country of cheap alcohol, tried to create an easy app, where you can track your alcohol level. 🍻

For the first time I was also exploring Apple Watch UI design.

Artist’s Profile

This app prototype could be used for example for a museum of contemporary art, where you could read more about the exhibition, see not presented pieces etc. 👩🏻‍🎨

Music Player 

I was very much looking for this challenge, as I love music and I can’t work without it.

I know it looks like Spotify and Instagram together. But hey, it’s trends and influencing. 🤷‍♂️

Direct Messaging

We are messaging people around the world everyday. There must be enough data for apps to actually know, what we are about to write.

Why not use it as an advantage and save even more time? 🤔

More to come!

I will make sure this page is updated with the best solutions. Until then, you can follow my instagram @designer.petr, where I am posting these every day!